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今天带来了商用英文第二篇,这篇文章对于白(ban)领(gong)一(shi)族(gou)以及正在准备履历的同鞋们相当有帮助!乔的英文笔记这期准备了(3) 技术(Technical Skills)、(4) 研究(Research)、(5) 财务/金融/理财 (Financial Skills) 三大类的实用英文,(1) 管理(Management)、(2) 沟通(Communication) 两大类可至文末点选“阅读原文”查看,赶紧学起来吧!

技术 Technique


assemble (V.) 集合; 聚集; 收集

e.g. to assemble data



build (V.) 建立; 发展; 开辟

e.g. to build an E-commerce system



calculate (V.) 计算; 算

e.g. The cost of the damage caused by the recent storms has been calculatedat over $5 million.



compute (V.) (用机器) 计算

- to calculate an answer or amount by using a machine

e.g. Compute the ratio of the object's weight to its height.


design (V.) 设计; 制(图)

- to make or draw plans for something, for example clothes or buildings

e.g. Who designed this system?


devise (V.) 巧妙构思; 设计; 发明

- to invent a plan, system, object, etc., usually cleverly or using imagination

e.g. Max is good at devising programming games that allow kids to learn the

basic concept of coding.



maintain (V.) 保持; 维持

- to continue to have; to keep in existence, or not allow to become less

e.g. The army has been brought in to maintain order in the region.



solve (V.) 思索; 思考

- to find answer to a problem

e.g. to solve a program  


e.g. to solve a mystery / puzzle


upgrade (V.) 使(机器、电脑程式)升级; 提升; 提拔(某人)

- to improve the quality or usefulness of something, such as a machine or a computer program, or give a person a more important job or state that their job is more important than it was in the past

e.g. Please upgrade the software.



operate (V.) (使)工作; (使)运行; 运作; 操作; 起作用

- to (cause to) work, be in action or have an effect

e.g. Does the company operate a pension scheme?



remodel (V.) 重新塑造; 再次建模

- to give a new shape or form to something

e.g. We have completely remodeled the kitchen.



repair (V.) 修理; 修补; 修复; 整修

- to put something that is damaged, broken or not working correctly, back into good condition or make it work again

e.g. to repair the road


e.g. to repair a roof



研究 Research



inspect (V.) (1) 检查; 审视; (2) 检阅; 视察

(1) to look at something or someone carefully in order to discover information, especially about their quality or condition 

e.g. After the crashboth drivers got out and inspected their car for damage.



(2) to officially visit a page or a group of people in order to check that everything is correct and legal

e.g. An official from the Department of Legislation will be inspecting the agency this afternoon.


interpret (V.) 理解; 解释; 阐释

- to decide what is the intended meaning of something

e.g. It is difficult to interpret these figures without knowing how the experimentwas conducted.



investigate (V.) (尤其是揭开真相) 调查; 审查

- to examine a crime, problem, statement, etc. carefully, especially to discover

the truth

e.g. Police are investigating allegations of corruption involving senior executives.



organize (V.) 安排; 组织; 筹划

- to make arrangements for something to happen

e.g. They organized a meeting between the teachers and students.



review (V.) 审查; 仔细审阅

- to consider something in order to make changes to it, give an opinion on it or study it

e.g. The committee is reviewing the current arrangement.



summarize (V.) 总结; 概述; 概括

- to express the most important facts or ideas about something or someone in a short and clear form

e.g. I will just summarize the main points of the argument in a few words.



evaluate (V.) 评估; 评价; 估值

- to judge or calculate the quality, importance, amount or value of something

e.g. It is impossible to evaluate these results without understanding how the experiment was conducted.


examine (V.) (仔细地)检查; 审查; 调查

- to look at or consider a person or thing carefully and in detail in order to discover something about them

e.g. The research examined the effects of alcohol on short-term memory.



extract (V.) 取出; 拔出; 提取

- to remove or take out something

e.g. Max extracted iron ore here 5 months ago.



systematize (V.) 使系统化; 使条理化

- to plan a system for something


clarify (V.) 澄清; 阐明; 使更清晰易懂

- to make something clear or easier to understand by giving more details or asimpler explanation

e.g. The position of all stockholders will be clarified tomorrow.



collect (V.) (使)聚集/集合/集中

- to bring or come together from different places or over a period of time

e.g. Caroline is collecting money for the homeless.



identify (V.) 确认; 发现

- to recognize aproblem, need, fact, etc. and to show that it exists

e.g. The research will be used to identify the needs.




Financial Skills

本篇文章主要着重于【财务/金融/理财(financial skills)】相关之英文动词整理,这部分在英文履历(resumé)是非常有用的,希望可帮助各位。


plan (V.) 设计; 规划

- to design a building or structure

e.g. The people who planned Britain's new towns has a vision of clean modern housing for everyone.


project (V.) 预计, 推算

- to calculate an amount or number expected in the future from information already known

e.g. Spending is projected to rise by 3% next season.


* be projected to + VR 预计会..

research (V.) 研究; 调查; 探索

- to study a subject thoroughly, especially in order to discover information or reach an understanding

e.g. Caroline is researching into possible solutions to the financial issue.



* research into + Ving/ N. ..进行研究

calculate (V.) 算; 计算

- to judge the number or amount of something by using the information that you already have, and adding, multiplying, subtracting or dividing numbers

e.g. The cost of the damage caused by the recent storms has been calculated at exceedingly $10 million.


* storm (n.) [C] (金融)风暴

compute (V.) (用机器)计算

- to calculate an answer or amount by using a machine

e.g. Compute the ratio of women's height to her weight.


* the ratio of A to B 比例(A:B)

develop (V.) (使)发展; (使)发育; (使)成长

- to (cause something to) grow or change into a more advanced, larger or stronger form

e.g. Their friendship developed into a lasting one overtime.


* develop into + N. 发展成...

e.g. The campaign is designed to encourage staff to come up with marketing strategies.



* come up with + N./ Ving 想出(方法/策略)

forecast (V.) (尤其针对特定形势或天气的)预测;预报

- a statement of what is judged likely to happen in the future, especially in connection with a particular situation, or the expected weather conditions

 e.g. economic forecast(s)


allocate (V.) 分配; 分派; 拨给; 划拨

- to give something to someone as their share of a total amount, for them to use in a particular way

e.g. The government is allocating $10 million for specialeducation.


e.g. It is not the responsibility of the investigatingcommittee to allocate blame

for the disaster to people.


analyze (V.) 分析

- to study or examine something in detail, in order todiscover more about it

e.g. Researchers analyzed the purchases of 1000 households.


appraise (V.) 评价; 鉴定; 估价; 评价

- to examine someone or something in order to judge their qualities, success

or needs

e.g. to appraise a performance


e.g. In co-operation with other professionals, social workers will appraise the

individual's needs.


audit (V.) 查...的帐目; 审计

- to make an official examination of the accounts of a business and produce a report

balance (V.) (帐目) 使收支平衡; 达成收支平衡

- to arrange a system that relates to money so that theamount of money spent is not more than the amount received

e.g. Stringent measures were taken to balance the budget.


e.g. If the business looses any more money, we will not make it to balance the books this year.



budget (V.) 制定预算; 计划(开支)

- to plan how much money you will spend on something

e.g. An extra $10 million has been budgeted for special education this year.


* budgetary (adj.) 预算的

manage (V.) 成功做到; 顺利完成(尤其指困难的事)

- to succeed in doing something, especially something difficult

e.g. A small dog managed to survive the fire.



market (V.) 促销; 推销; 行销

- to make goods available to buyers in a planned way which encourages people to buy more of them, for example by advertising

e.g. Their products are very cleverly marketed.




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